Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crazy weather!

Seriously, I wish it would either just be cold or warm, and not an extreme of one or the other every other day. UUGH!!! Right now in the midwest it's freezing, heard they let schools out last night for today due to the frigid temps. Here it was nice the last 2 days and today it clouded up, and tomorrow it's to be COLD! But, suppose to be back in the low 60s next week. See what I mean, just make up your mind already, Mother Nature! :)

And, for some healthy info, check out this blog my good friend just started -- Healthy Express. It's got some great info on it and a couple yummy sounding recipes. She said the roasted banana recipe is awesome, we have yet to try it.

Well, I'm off to create this weekend. I'm all packed, I think I'm taking everything but the kitchen sink. I hope to get lots of scrappin' done!!! I'll let y'all know!!!

Have a great one!