Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring has sprung

Spring is upon us. YIPPEE!!! I can't believe Easter has come and gone. Happy Belated Easter to everyone! It's been a whirlwind week. My brother-in-law was here for the weekend and the boys ABSOLUTELY LOVED having him here. They had so much fun playing with him. We actually walked on the beach Saturday for a little while. The water was COLD, but that wasn't stopping my youngest, I think he would have jumped in, no problem! It could prove to be an interesting summer for me. YIKES!!!

Mr. P has started t-ball. He's had 2 practices and is enjoying it thus far. I hope the enjoyment continues. April 5th is his first game. I can't wait. I think it will be a fun spring for us watching t-ball games. Little E is going to have some disappointment, because he wants to play too everytime.

Strawberry picking is beginning here. YUMMY! I have to admit I haven't done that for a LONG time and have NEVER done it with the boys, so there may be something new for us to do soon. Mr. P LOVES strawberries, little E not so much! I bought some berries from Costco for the Easter weekend, and out of the whole carton (I think it was 4 pounds), there were only 2 or 3 bad ones. So, we're still eating those up. They're sure to be gone today or tomorrow.

As far as crafting, I'm back into it, hopefully today. The boys are on Spring Break this week, so it could prove for some interesting crafting. We may have some painting time in our future. They will LOVE that.

Oh, if you enjoy podcasts, check out: Lain is great. She interviews various scrapbook "celebrities," has her own reviews, answers questions, and shares a little about her life and the goings on at her home. It's fun and I enjoy listening while working on some sort of craft. I hope you enjoy it!