Thursday, May 15, 2008


Okay...I say this word ALL the time, you know how I know. My 4 year old asks my dad, "Are you serious Grandpa?" VERY cute, but that's how I know!!!

But, I had SERIOUSLY had a GREAT time at my friend's house last night working on projects for this month's e-book for UnKit. It's a great kit, check it out. And, the projects/layouts/cards are going to be adorable! You can also join us for a rockin' good time here. It's a pretty cool little place!

It's Thursday, it's quiet (the boys are at school) and I've actually accomplished a couple of household tasks. WOOHOO!!!

SERIOUSLY...Have a GREAT day!!!! ;)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wonderful weather...

We're having some beautiful, NO GORGEOUS, weather today!!! It's just wonderful outside!!! If it was like this all the time, it would be terrific!!!!!!!! Could I use a few more exclamation points? :) I love to use them, can you tell!?!?

I wanted to wish every mother, aunt, sister, grandmother, friend out there a belated Happy Mother's Day!
This card was made for all you women out there!!!!!!!! I used the new, fabulous flock from STAMPENDOUS!! It's so much fun to use, and pretty easy too. I love the texture it adds to cards, pages, projects. It's just awesome!!! And, can I say I love "Terrificly Tacky Tape" too?! Try saying that 3 times fast. It's the bomb when using the flock. This card is full of texture with the flock and a green pipe cleaner for the stem and leaves. Here's a close-up of that flower.

Let me know if you want to know how I made it!

I'm heading to my friend's house tonight to work on my UnKit projects with this month's new kit, featuring some Heidi Grace paper. I can't wait. I have some ideas brewing in my brain, LOOK OUT!!! Check out the UnKit site to see the kit for May, it's super cute! The e-book for last month's projects, layouts, etc. is available. Check here if you're interested in purchasing.

And, I mentioned I was in Illinois in late April visiting family and friends and attending a wedding. Well, many of my friends here do not believe how FLAT Illinois is, so here's a picture to prove it.
You can see for miles and the wind blows HARD! Thanks Mom & Dad for taking this picture, great sunset!!! (I forgot to take one before I headed back to SC.) So, friends, do you believe me now? :):)