Friday, December 19, 2008

Dashing through the snow...

or ice... Well, not really, but we're headed for Illinois, and it's going to be FREEZING COLD!!! They had an ice storm yesterday, but I've been informed the roads are clear by my dad, the "Pathfinder." So, we're taking a slightly different route, but should pull in this evening! We left this morning, 71 degrees the van read, and when we arrive it will be in the teens or twentys. BRRRRRRRR!!!!! Sunday the high is 9, yes that's 9 degrees!! The boys have no idea what cold is, and I remember it, but am not wanting to live it again. The things we do for family and friends. :):) I wouldn't have it any other way.

It may even be a white Christmas, which I'm pretty stoked about. Because if there's ever a time I want snow it's Christmas day. Our boys have NEVER seen snow, oh wait they did see a slight dusting a few weekends ago when we were up in the mountains on our way to the Polar Express, but it wasn't much. So, they may actually be able to go sledding and everything. WOOHOO!!! And, I hope there's hot chocolate involved after that!

I hope everyone who reads my blog, all 2 of you (just kidding), has a safe and happy holiday!!! Will post more from the freezing north!