Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wii've been playing...

It's been a little while since I last posted. We dodged Hanna, but we're now prepared for a storm and our garage shows it with a generator and 3.5 cases of water. And, the pantry is well stocked with canned goods! Glad we didn't have to deal with her too much. And, we've been watching Ike, even though he's not heading our way, I'm praying for the people in Texas!

Since we were planning for a weekend indoors last weekend anyway due to Hanna, I wasn't sure what we were going to be doing, except Play-doh, movies, some DVR'd TV shows. But then Eric came home Friday late morning with a HUGE SURPRISE! He bought a Wii!!!! Yes, we are now the proud owners of a Wii game system and it is AWESOME!! Patrick absolutely LOVES it! His faves are bowling and baseball. He's already scored a 202 in bowling. Yes, he's 4 and has beat his mom and dad!! And, now this is the ONLY kind of boxing I like to see in my house.
Truly an awesome gaming system! And, you get a great workout from some of these games.
We've also been doing some things around the house. We moved both boys into one room, and (knock on wood) it's going pretty well thus far. My husband moved his office into E's old room (the nursery), so right now he's working with Disney characters on the wall. I'm dreading painting over these, but he's going to this weekend! I mean how could you want to get rid of them...
I'm working at the store this weekend. There's a garage sale from 7am - 1pm and a crop from 9am-?? P has his first soccer game this weekend, so I'll be there and then off to work. Speaking of the store, Elise has started a kit club and she chose my back to school class to inspire the first kit. It's pretty exciting! Check out her blog and there's more information, including pics of the kit and add-on kit.
Speaking of soccer... I can't wait to see P's first game. I think he's enjoying it. There's only 7 kids on a team and they play 3 people at a time, so everyone gets a chance. The practices have gone pretty well, it's E that we have to watch, since he thinks he can play too! So, that's the CHALLENGE!!
And this month at unKit, the theme is scrap pink! So, check it out!