Thursday, February 14, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies anyone?

Oh yes, they're back! We're lovin' some Girl Scout cookies. My husband loves the ones with peanut butter; I LOVE thin mints and samoas, YUMMY!!! The boys just love Girl Scout cookies. 8 boxes may not be enough to last a whole year, considering 2 boxes are almost gone and it's not even been a week. Make sure to get yours!!!

Check out our thin mint man and the do-si-do dude...

Happy Heart Day!

Happy Heart Day to everyone! I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, because should there really have to be a specific day for you to celebrate your love for someone?! I think you should celebrate everyday!!! But, it's a wonderful holiday for the children and they are enjoying the extra showers of love from near and far! They received so many valentines and lots of candy from the friends and teachers at school. Their loot looked like it was Halloween! :):) I decorated some little white buckets for their teachers. Check 'em out.

And, here's the card I made for my hubby. He seemed to really like it! We actually got to go to lunch together today and enjoy each other's company without kids. I really enjoyed it, while he seemed a little pre-occupied with work. Oh well it was a YUMMY lunch none the less.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!