Thursday, May 29, 2008

School's out...for summer!!!

Remember that song???!!! Well, today, that song is my reality! I'm sad, but happy. Sad, because my 8 hours of quiet freedom are gone for a little while; happy, because it's summertime!! I'm REALLY looking forward to this summer. I keep telling myself it's going to be a great summer! I think I'm trying to psych myself up for a summer with 2 boys (4.5 & 2). WHOO!!

So, today we had to say goodbye to 4 wonderful teachers for the summer! They were incredible to each of the boys. Each of the boys really grew up this year. And, I know that will continue, but I have make sure to stay on top of things this summer.

Anyway, as a thank you to P's teachers I made them each a 6x6 canvas with the class's picture on it.

E's teachers received bookmarks with his picture on them (I forgot to take a picture of these). And, I made all of the cards for everyone to hold gift cards.

I hope everyone has a GREAT beginning of summer! I should be posting more projects soon!

Oh, if you get a chance, head over to the UnKit. There's a call right now for an UnKitter for July. Check it out!!