Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Been a while...

I haven't posted in so long. Not sure why, just busy I guess. It seems like I'm always doing something on this computer, so I'm not sure why I haven't updated this. But, with 2 young boys, it's not very often you get a free moment. I've been trying to catch up on scrapping/creating. It's taking a little bit. My oldest boy starts "school" (Mother's morning out) next Tuesday, so hopefully my younger one will allow me to "create" during his brother's time away. BUT, for some reason, I'm thinking that's not going to be happening. We'll see. And, there will be "chores" to do around the house, which I'm hoping will be a bit easier, since I will only have 1 set of little hands to worry about helping me. :)
I have been working on a few things. I've made a few cards. Here's a sample:
LOVE this website!!! It's FREE to join, which is a HUGE plus! There are SO MANY creative ladies out there!! Make sure to check it out!
I seriously can't believe it's almost September!!! Where has this year gone?!?! We were at Costco tonight and they already had some Christmas things out. WHOA, it's TOO early for that! But, it will be here before we know it! UUGH!!! I love Christmas, but thinking about it now just makes me crazy, thinking of ALL that needs to be done before then.
Oh, I've also added a few things to my etsy site. Make sure to check it out. I've sold 1 frame so far, but I'm hoping that something else will sell. We'll see. Again, so many creative people on this website. It's a bit overwhelming, but SO inspiring!!! LOVE IT!
Okay, so this post was a bit all over the place, but what can I say!?

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