Thursday, September 13, 2007

Up for a challenge??

My girlfriend and I are hoping to start a "club." Do you remember clubs from when you were younger? I loved them, they were so much fun. I was in a sticker club at a store in the mall, what a hoot. I loved going to get my "sticker of the month" each month. And, then putting in the sticker book, it had to have just the right space. OH BOY what was I thinking!!!

Anyway, back to the new club. We're hoping to start a club at the local scrapbook store, where she works and I frequent WAY too much! It's a club to challenge your creativity, your mind, your everything and get you to think "outside the box." We're working on challenges now and the purpose of the club to propose to the owner. I think it's AWESOME and I can't wait!!! My girlfriend is SUPER creative and I am inspired by her. I tell her all the time and she gives me this WHATEVER look, but she truly does. When it becomes official, I'll let you know more.

Clubs are back, baby!!!!

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