Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Birthday smoothies!!

My oldest son turned 4 yesterday!!! WOW! Has it been that long since driving to the dr's office twice and then being sent to the hospital to experience the most WONDERFUL thing ever?! It just doesn't seem possible, but it's true! It's been a whirlwind and every day is something new, that's for sure, but he's growing up and before we know it he'll be off to school, then high school and college (we hope), and then moving out of the house (we hope even more!!). :) He drives me CRAZY sometimes, but I LOVE him and I'm very fortunate to be home with he and his lil' brother to winess their amazing lives and their everyday changes. Happy Birthday little P!

So, we've had so much birthday cake lately: my mom's birthday was Friday so we celebrated with cake; P's birthday today, so we took cupcakes to school and the big party is this weekend...more cake. SO, I was going to make birthday brownies; HOWEVER, no brownie mix in the pantry. WHAT!? I always have a mix or 2 in there for emergencies. Who doesn't know what a brownie emergency is?! SO, we had the leftover cupcakes and SMOOTHIES!!! Yep, that's right! Daddy thought what a great thing, instead of ice cream. And, let me tell you, awesome idea! The boys LOVE them, and they're good for us! So, cupcakes (or icing) for P and bring on the smoothie. He even helped daddy make them. He's such a little chef!!!

So, I've been making birthday cards like they're going out of style lately.

One for my niece , a couple for my mom . The second one for my mom was made with some color wonder paper that P fingerpainted. I used it for grandma's card. And another one was made for P's birthday, but I haven't taken a photo yet. It's got his fave Little Einsteins on it though.

So, enjoy the rest of your January, I have a birthday party to get ready for this weekend and then another birthday later this month, my other niece. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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Sudie said...

What great cards! I always love what you do.
Happy birthday, Buddy!