Sunday, August 31, 2008


Lately I've been EXTREMELY lucky!!! While in Charlotte at the Creating Keepsakes Convention, I won mini adhesive felt ribbon from Queen & Co., some chipboard pieces and while in one of the Scenic Route classes I won the entire Appleton line, which is what the Back To School layout is made with at the store.

WELL, when I returned from Charlotte I was on the computer looking at different blogs, which I have LOTS of faves on my computer, and posted a comment on one because she was giving various prizes, and one was from Scenic Route. (I LOVE Scenic Route, can you tell?!?) Anyway, I got an email the other day, and I WON!!!! I won the entire Sonoma line! It's GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to use it!

My mom is COMPLETELY jealous! Sorry Mom, but I told you I would share! :) Seriously, I NEVER win anything, but lately is a different story. However, I think my winning streak is over, as we didn't win the Powerball last night. BUMMER!!! We could definitely use millions of dollars!!!!! :):)

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