Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, the Back-to-School layout class didn't make for last week, SO we're going to reschedule for this coming Saturday, 9/6, at A Scrapbook Store. There's a "garage sale" this weekend at the store, so be checking the blog or your email (if you're on the email list) to find out when the class will be rescheduled. Be sure to call the store or stop by to sign up. You gets lots of goodies!!! The actual layouts are at the store if you'd like to see them.

I worked yesterday at A Scrapbook Store and there were 3 ladies who came to crop. It was great fun, and each one of them got lots accomplished. They were very QUIET, which I'm not use to at a crop, but they were EXTREMELY busy working! Good for them! I'm usually too busy talking and laughing when I'm at a crop and don't really get cookin' until after dinner, pretty crazy huh?!? My mom thinks I'm nuts when I go to midnight crops and don't get home until 2am, because Elise lets us stay longer!!! It's just so much FUN!

We're off to a cookout this afternoon to celebrate this Labor Day weekend. Hoping the rain will hold off, but it doesn't look that way. Hope you enjoy your Labor Day!!!

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