Monday, December 29, 2008

Home again...Home again...jiggety jig

We are HOME!!! Just pulled into Charleston and it's 70 degrees!!!! Yes, I said 70 degrees!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!! I'm SO EXCITED!! We had a wonderful visit to Illinois, but the weather was not fun! We experienced all spectrums: 0 degrees, saw a little snow, experienced an ice storm (a first for the boys..not for the hubby and I), temperatures below zero with the wind chill (YUCK!) and ended the trip with thunderstorms and 60 degree weather. Can you say INSANE? Yes, the weather in Illinois is an adventure. Unfortunately the boys did not get to experience playing in the snow or sledding, as my in-law's yard was an ice rink! So, they "skated" out to the van a couple times and wound up on their rear-ends.

I will post pictures soon! We're about to pull in the neighborhood and then it's time to unload all the "stuff." At least we were able to do lots of laundry before returning, so there's not a lot of that to do. That brings a smile to my face! But, there's plenty of other stuff to do.

Check out Becky Higgins' blog to see her new KOTM. It goes on sale Jan. 1st. I began my pics yesterday! Can't wait to get this one!! Oh, and anyone out there interested in owning a scrapbook store, Elise is looking for a buyer, as she's needing to do more for her family. I hope she can find a buyer, as I don't want to see the store close. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

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