Sunday, July 15, 2007

Markers are BANNED!!!!

Well, this morning my husband and I awoke to some more rustling around 7:30ish. It was, of course, the 3 year old. Boy, not sure what we're going to do with this little monster, I mean boy. No, I mean devlish monster!!!! He was playing with the markers and had drawn on himself. UUGH!!!! Unbelievable! It seriously looks like a big green tattoo! I put him in our bed and told him he was NOT getting the markers back for a LONG LONG time!!! I thought this was the worst of it. Well, I was wrong.
My husband went in to my oldest son's room and found ................................ drumroll please.....
this... and this... !!
Okay, so these are now the doodling sheets!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone should have a set of these! :):)

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David & Cheri said...

I can only imagine what you and Eric were thinking when you saw those sheets!:) I'm so glad that you took pictures to document it all! Talk about a GREAT scrapbook page coming soon!