Wednesday, July 18, 2007


A frame that is. I had my first sale from my site. I found out late last night. I was SO excited. I'm hoping to list more out there by the end of the week. I've made a couple cards, but am hoping to get a few more things done to put them out there. Keep checking out there, if you're interested, as I'm hoping to add new things each week. A little at a time, I don't want to overwhelm myself or anyone else.

I went to a class at A Scrapbook Store last night. It was lots of fun using transparencies. VERY COOL transparencies from Hambly. I've read a lot about them on several websites and blogs lately. Transparencies, in general, are very cool!!! They cut down on a lot of time on pages, if you choose to use them like that. A lot of them make it very simple, because it's all right there, you just need the background paper and pictures. Any additions are totally your choice. I love simple and easy!!!

So, tonight I made my own little journal. I'm going to use it for various things, probably lists mostly: grocery, to do, you know the normal lists that we all make. It's a little big, but I will probably carry it in my purse. I want to have something where I can write down things when I think of them, or when I hear things come out of Patrick's mouth during the day. I want to be able to scrap those moments, those words, that come out of his mouth. Because, he says the darndest things sometimes, and I always say I'll remember them, but I couldn't tell you what he said tonight, let alone the last time it was really funny, which I'm sure was earlier today. :):)

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